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Never again

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Spike had some poop on his underside of his tail. I decided to towel him so I could clean him up. No way was he going to be toweled, he flew until he was extremley tired :eek: So I put him in his cage to rest. Ater 40 mins he seemed ok, so I decided to take him out again. He would not let me :( He was so angry at me :( That he would put his foot on my hand and than take it off, like wait I hate this person :cry: I think he is still mad at me but after 5mins he let me take him out :) So now I don't know what to do. If he won't let me towel him, how can I do his nails ect? I guess I will have to take him somewhere else now to get it done. I feel horrible :(
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You said it perfectly its like a two year old having a fit, I towel all of mine when I have to and believe me they get over it, they don't like it but sometimes we have to do what we have to do, there all still alive and seem to still like me :p
Georgie did the same thing when I first got her, I thought the same thing she was literally panting so hard I thought she would keel over and 9 months later she is still here, its very scary for them at first but they do get use to it.
Georgie fly's to she always has, she is my only tiel that has never been clipped I just had to make sure I had a firm hold on her.
Jaime what I do is get them to step up and with the other hand I bring the towel around the back it catches them of guard.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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