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Never again

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Spike had some poop on his underside of his tail. I decided to towel him so I could clean him up. No way was he going to be toweled, he flew until he was extremley tired :eek: So I put him in his cage to rest. Ater 40 mins he seemed ok, so I decided to take him out again. He would not let me :( He was so angry at me :( That he would put his foot on my hand and than take it off, like wait I hate this person :cry: I think he is still mad at me but after 5mins he let me take him out :) So now I don't know what to do. If he won't let me towel him, how can I do his nails ect? I guess I will have to take him somewhere else now to get it done. I feel horrible :(
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Don't let him get to you. Ziggy throws a fit when I'm trying to towel him *and he's pretty strong* just keep at it and don't let him "win". Sometimes we have to do things they don't like to care for them. An easier way might be to have him laying on your chest and giving him head scritches, then cleaning up what you need to clean up.
PS. I find that they almost over exagerate so don't take it personal.
He'll get over it. Boys seem to always over do things...Ziggy hates being toweled two but some headscritches and he's over it.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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