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Need your photos!

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I thought it would be helpful to add a cockatiel mutations guide but I need your help with photos. I would love to be able to have a male and female example for most like greys, etc. I know it'll be tough to collect all of them but I think we can manage to fill in most of them. I can post Baby as and example of a grey female but I need a normal grey male also. We can maybe use Cookie as the white face female, then we need a male. We have our choice in pied males so Laura and Bea, it's up to you to decide. Any pearls, lutinos (Laura), many as possible would be great. Try and post a clear whole body image. I hope you all you guys can help- thanks!
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Cookie - whiteface normal female

Bailee - cinnamon pied male
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Oh! Bailee's a cinnamon pied- I just realized that. Ok. :) Thanks.
Louie: Male white face cockatiel.

Lola: Female lutino cockatiel

Charlie: Female Cinnamon cockatiel
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Tiffany- do you have some full body pics (close up) of Charlie and Louie?
Thanks Plukie! Dooby might be confusing
:D:D Poor Dooby!!
He's almost there! No worries! Dooby is a doll!

Young Male Golden Pearl. (Pretty sure he's male anyway :D)

Cinnamon Pied Whiteface.

I have a Grey split Lutino male, and a Pied Pearl Lutino hen if you'd like pictures of them as well?
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Babi what an adorable baby you have there, I love the whiteface lutino :)
Aly I will try and get a good pic of Minnie today for the lutino
Here is the best pic of Louie's full body:

The only other pic I have of Charlie is this:
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Thanks everyone...anyone want to help with editing the pics?:) Pretty please?
I will, well if you tell me what to do, I've got photoshop. :)
I will, well if you tell me what to do, I've got photoshop. :)
Thanks Rosie- Just cut out any extra anything and just focus on the tiel- We can use Tiffany's Louie and Bea's cookie for the whiteface male and female, Sarin's golden pearl,-Laurago's Minnie for a Lutino...this is harder then I thought..hehe
Ok- after super reading about these mutations I noticed that Baby has too many yellow markings on her chest to be a grey..according to the cockatiel society she should be shown in the SPLIT to category...she's not really that grey either..more brown..I'm a little confused.
Use Georgie as the normal grey female then, but i think Baby fits the role just as well. :p
hmmm Georgie has the markings on her chest as well, as far as I knew its normal, I didn't notice in her pic's that baby is more brown she looks grey to me and don't tell me I am colour blind :p
I think the yellow blends through the grey making a browny colour. ;)
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