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I found an albino cockatiel 6 to 8 months ago in my neighbors front yard. A little background, I live in the Antelope Valley in the So Cal desert. It can be be VERY windy quite a bit of the time. The day I found the bird it had been very windy for several days (35 to 45 mph), so I have no idea how far from home the bird was. It ate the cockatiel seed that came with the cockatiel starter set I bought for 45 minutes without stopping, I don't know if this is an indication of how long it had already been away from home. I put signs on all of the mail boxes for several miles upwind with no response. I also put up stickies in the pet stores, again no response.
Now for the problem, since finding the bird I have basically been an invalid, so have been spending considerable time with the bird. I fortunately (for me) have recovered. the down side is that I will not be able to spend time with the bird anymore, and would like to find a new home where the bird will get the time and attention that it needs. I do not know the sex or age of the bird, however it seems to be healthy.
Looking for any help or suggestions.

Thanks in advance
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