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Hi. I have acquired a cockatiel may 10th this year. i was told it was a year old female . it had badly clipped wings.. in july it started loosing a lot of feathers and it seemed to change color. in august it was getting obvious it looks different with a yellow face. it has lost most of the striped tail feathers and dotted wing feathers. so my little girl is a boy. He whistles a little, seems to say a couple words but does not do the heart wings. my problem is that the bird is scared of hands. since the beginning any open hand has him move away. He will take a seed if i hold it between my fingers but will flee if i put it in my open hand. he will take scratches if i approach with 1 closed hand. he also wont bathe, not even with spray bottle and it is hard to get him to eat veggies. he wont eat fruits. he likes seeds... he has been with me 4 months now and altho he will get close to me, i cant seem to make any progress with the hand fear. (same with or without gloves). Any suggestions?
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