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Hi, i need help with my parrot, who i've had for about 11 months now, he is a cockatiel (i will post a picture of him bellow)I bought him from a local pet store in Serbia.

The first month i got him i tried to interact with him by trying to hand feed him or by just putting my finger inside his cage, he refused to interact with me. Then i just tried to sit next to him and talk to him, he would just stay silent, or climb around his cage, like he was afraid. I would usually feed him parrot seeds mix i found at the local store. I tried to feed him apples but once he refused to eat one from my hand, i tried putting it in his cage to see if he would eat it, he just started freaking out. I also put vitamins in his water, like the woman who sold me the parrot told me to.

So after about 2 months of trying i tried keeping his door open, he refused to come out, and the next time i tried to interact with him he was even more scared than he was. I even tried playing soft music near him while doing something else, but he just stayed silent. When i tried to change his food or clean his cage he would usually hiss at me.

He has a swing in his cage but he refuses to try to climb it, and he just hits it with his head gently trying to shake it i guess.

Sometimes during the day he would start screaming and sometimes he would try to sing.

After about 6 months i gave up trying to interact with him, i just let him chill there, for about 8-9 months, until today when i was changing his food he started screaming hysterically, that's what made me make this post

Oh, and also, the height of his cage is 60 cm, the width is 39cm, and the length is 30cm, do i need to find a bigger cage for him?
I will upload a pic of him tomorrow.

I would really appreciate your help with this, i don't know what to do anymore.
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