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need help with pairing up my cockatiels properly?

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i have 8 cockatiels total, i have four white face mutations one pair of these is a solid white female tiel her mate is a simple white face male the white head and gray body.
my second pair im hoping will pair up since the males previous mate is too old to raise anymore babies so i was told to pair him with another hen... so that would be my i think pearl white faced hen paired with my other simple white faced male the white head with gray body. my only issue is with these two different pair combinations what would their babies be? and now my odd ball male that has no female atm because ive no clue what to pair him with because he is a pied male anyone have any mutations would go great with him? any tips and advice would help me so much and thanks in advance too. to save confusion i listed them in order below this lol i can confuse people easily and not realize im doing this.

1st pair- solid white hen no red eye.
-white face male, (white head and gray body).
2nd pair-pearl white face hen
-white face male, (white head and gray body).
and my odd one out that has no mate is the pied male

also anyone know a great website i can order a huge bag of zupreem avianbreeder ( the little brown pellet stuff) that i can order online at a really good afordable price?
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