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Need help urgent 6 day old baby cockatiel

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Hi please look at the photo what's this red on his abdomen? he is 6 days old
His weight is 12.8 he has no prob with his crop he eats well every 2 hours day and night he is in the brooder because I had to pull him from the nest box when he was only 4 hours old, the mom or dad bird killed the first born. So I had to quickly remove him he is doing great in the brooder it's the right temperature and humidity. But 3 days ago I notice this red please advise what this could be is this normal or not?
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That looks pretty normal to me, I just took three out of our nest box a while ago and looked at them. Ours are just a few days older than yours! That looks like a very full crop which means he or she is eating good.
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