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I'm new here, and totally new in raising cockatiels. So I wish you can help me identifying the detailed mutation of the parents and their chicks.
I read a lot about mutation but still a bit difficult for me.
I named the pictures to make it easier 😁
The Mom is pearl. But can't tell what mutation is the dad.. He is a very light gray and a little pale cheeks.

The first clutch was total of 4. Two of them were white face but died after a week for no obvious reason😢. The other 2 you can see in the pictures. They are now two months old.

The second clutch are total of 3.they are few weeks old.

So my questions are:
1- what are the parents split of?
2- mocha is brownish. Does that mean it's a cinnamon?
3- is Goldie a pearl cinnamon?
4- I thought CoCo is a normal gray. But why does he have yellow feathers at the back of his head? Also the Crest is yellowish.
5- which babies are girls and which are boys?

Thanks in advance ❤
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1. The dad looks like he is a cinnamon pied split to pearl and whiteface. The mom is a pearl, and she has to be split to whiteface as well for you to have whiteface chicks. She might have the pied gene in her, but the only way to tell is if you have visual pied babies; otherwise, she is just a pearl split to whiteface from what I can tell.
2. Yes, Mocha looks like a cinnamon.
3. Goldie is very yellow so I'm not sure if that means that he/she is a golden pearl or he/she might be a cinnamon pearl anyway like you said. Sorry that I can't help too much with this one.
4. Yes, Coco is a normal gray, but he is split to pied. That's why he has yellow feathers at the back of his head.
5. Mocha would have to be a girl due to genetics, but Shiko could be either a girl or a boy because both parents have the pearl gene in them. Goldie and Coco could be male or female as well.
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