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Need a little help

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Hi guys,

Not really sure whats going on with my little Pepe. Things had been going really well. He was stepping up with treats and then graduated to no treats and jumping straight onto my hand when hes hanging out on top of the cage. He was still not really letting me take him away from the cage (he would step up but as soon as i took even a step back with him he freaked and flew back to his cage). We were training him to start trusting us enough to go away from the cage using a great method someone on here suggested and it was working, we got him onto the couch!

Fast forward a few days and now it feels like we are back to below square one. Now I go in for step up and hes started backing away, making a noise that sounds like a dislike chirp, sometimes biting, and wings coming away from his body. I can see he clearly is not happy. I went back to just using millet and doing step up which worked but then as soon as he was on my hand he started the recoiling routine I just mentioned above. I regressed again to just getting him to eat out of my hand but he doesn't want a bar of it. Makes the dislike noise and backs away. Its like all of a sudden hes scared of my hands?

Even when I did manage to get him back onto my hand he just wont stay he keeps flying back to the cage.

Hes been doing this for a few days now and I have no idea how to fix it or what to try?
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