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Need a little Advice

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Hey guys first post here, saw a lovely community and wanted to be a part of it!

Ive got 3 tiels (fefe, Cookie and Kiko)

Fefe is a female and she is about 3 years old, and she continuously lays eggs monthly.
Cookie (9 months old) and Kiko (10 months old) are my 2 male tiels.
Kiko has been trying to mate with Fefe for the past 2 months, while Fefe pays no attention to him at all. However, Fefe likes to be around Cookie and does the usual cockatiel behavior when a female wants to mate (gets up close, sort of bends down to wards his belly and makes little noises), while Cookie pays no attention to her when she tries to mate.

When ever Fefe has layed eggs, I usually let her sit on them and take care of them until i can tell they are infertile.
Now when she is taking care of them, she WILL LET Cookie come into the nest with her and also sit and take care of the eggs.

My concern is that for Fefe taking care of so many batches of eggs and everytime she does, she likes to stay on them ALL DAY long, and would come off them once or maybe twice a day. due to the big stinky poops that females have, I've taught her to call for me when ever she needs to poo, so I can take her outside of the cage. When she calls for me its usually a routine where she steps up on my finger, and I'm feeding her while holding her over the kitchen rubbish where she usually poops. She can eat on her own, but I like to seize the opportunity to give her extra food.

Because of this, I have noticed she gets very skinny when taking care of her eggs. It hurts me to see her get soo skinny, so I just want her to have a fertile season for once.

What should I do

PS. Sorry for the long post
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