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Names for Cockatiel

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So about a month ago our Coco flew out of the house. We have been so sad since then. We are getting a new male to accompany my Cookie. I am curious as to what people named their babies. I have a Tweedy and Willow too. Want to know names and see if I can pick one from the list here. Thank you in advance.
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Awwww, I'm so sorry to hear that! 😔. I have six cockatiels right now, but I've owned more before so I'll tell you their names as well. I have right now: Peaches, Meringue, Mara, Maverick, Freckles, and Yondu. I used to own King, Shadow, and Phoenix. Hopefully, some of those names stick out. What kind of mutation is your new tiel?
I love all of those names, Shadow and Phoenix
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