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My 'tiels

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Prospero and Wrenna (Pro& Wren)

Pro is at least 12 years old, but I suspect that he is older than that since when I bought him in Toronto, he wasn't a baby and he was very scared of everyone. He also used to do a very complex mating display which I read somewhere that they only do if they have been used for breeding in a large avery! I had requested papers for him, but they never arrived, so I'm a little suspious. But he has calmed down and is much more tame than he used to be, why he will even sit on my shoulder sometimes!

Wrenna has a girly name, but well...she turned out to be a he! :D He is a6 years old already, just seems like yesterday when I brought him home.

Cookie time

A pic from about a year ago:

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Very cute babies! The mating display is common, even if they've never been bred before. It's ussually a combo of heartwings, a back and forth slide, some hops and head bowing to one side...and loud singing ofcourse. Either way, your two men are adorable-thanks for posting!
There both handsome boys :D thanks for sharing the pictures.
i love the colour of wren he is gorgious
:love: Your two boys are very handsome!!
Wren is a cinnamon, or so they told me at the pet shop where I got him. They also told me that the breeder has lost his wife and could no longer do all that work so he was slowly selling off all the birds, apparently Wren was one of the last to go. She said that he didn't really want to part with him, but decided to after all. So naturally he gets treated like royalty! :D

About the theory that he might have had a mate before...I noticed that he was extremely depressed for a long time after I brought him home. Finally I went out and got a female for him and the transformation was amazing! He was a whole new bird. Then his mate mysteriouly disappeared one day and I never found her, despite looking for her for days throughout the area. Pro went down hill again fast, so I waited for a bit thinking that he was in mourning, then went out and bought Wren, thinking I was getting a new girl. Boy were we fooled.:rolleyes: Anyway, he has gotten over that shock and seems to be happy enough about having another 'tiel around.
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Sounds like he's been through alot. Atleast he's in a stable home now and has got a friend..even if it's a boy..
Thats good that he feels better having a tiel friend around :)
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