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My tiel is suddenly attacking me

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Hi all, i'm kinda desperate for help. My tiel is 2 years old (handfed by me from 4 weeks) and he's currently quite hormonal i think. He gets 13 hours of sleep all year to keep hormones in check and its been fine. He used to hang out on my shoulders all the time taking naps and just chilling there, while im on the computer working from home. But suddenly he started to hiss at me when he was on my shoulders, like make his neck really long and kinda try to attack my face. I'd put him somewhere else and but he'd immediately fly on my shoulders and do the same thing again. He's been doing this for a week now, I can't have him on my shoulder anymore. He'll play with some toys inside or outside the cage, eventually seek out my shoulder and sometimes he'll attack and sometimes not, but usually he does attack.

Any idea what's going on here? He's fine with being held, with me giving scritches and everything is like before, it's just this attack mode triggered basically every time he's on my shoulder. I'm writing this post because it just happened again; he was playing next to me and with me, he went to my shoulder and hissed and tried to bite me.I put him back down, he climbed to my shoulder again and did the same thing. I put him down once again again and he flied straight at my face to bite me. He bit my hand pretty bad so I had to catch him with a blanket and put him inside the cage to cool down. Now he's totally calmed down playing inside the cage.

What can i do about this behaviour? I really miss having him on my shoulders and i want to be able to have him outside the cage. I don't get why my shoulders triggers that attack mode. And he's already sleeping 13 hours per night.. Anything else i can do? I've also rearranged the cage, and he's not overly attacked to any of his toys.
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