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Hello, I have a year old male cockatiel, and he became very anxious and aggressive after I moved my house (7days ago).
I spend all day with him since I work at home, and he was a definitely happy and healthy bird.
he spent day singing and walking around me, playing with his parrot toys, ate well, and sometimes he napped on my shoulder.
but now he looks very nervous if he doesn’t see any reflective surface like a mirror. He just stare the mirror and does nothing, he doesn’t walks around anymore, he doesn’t even eat very much like before(still eats his favourite treats like millets very well) He also bites me very hard when I try to remove the mirror :(
so now I covered all the mirrors I have, but he seeks any other reflective surface like black cell phone screen and then does not want to move again.
he liked mirror before the move, but not this much. I’m so worried about his condition, I already visited a vet a few days ago but they said that my tiel doesn’t have any physical illness. Is there any way to make him feel better with his new home?
it would be very great to hear opinions from other cockatiel owners. Sorry for my crappy English grammar, its not my first language. Thank you.
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