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My loving little Skittles got really sick and spent 3 weeks in hospital. It was really difficult to see him in that condition. It was breaking my heart. He is home now and on many meds twice a day. I'm happy he is home but the saga is not over yet.

I now also have another big uphill battle. Paying off the debt when work is few and far between. Costs came to over $6000. Yes, that is really a lot but at what point does one 'pull-the-plug'. I could not do that unless he was suffering and in constant pain.

So I have to put my pride in my pocket and simply ask for help. If anyone will understand the reasons for spending this amount it will be you guys. As we don't understand what the issue really was, a CAT scan may still be needed. I setup a page on this website for donations. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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