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Hi friends,

I’m new to the forum. I just get my cockatiel from a breeder they told me he is almost weaned, and he is 10 weeks old. When I was at store he come to my hand and went up to my shoulder with no biting. Soon we came home he start to become aggressive and refuse to eat and start getting scared of hand. I understand this is normal stressful situation for him. So what the best steps regarding his feeding and bonding with him?
After 1 day he start eating from the spray millet on the floor of the cage and start climbing the ladder and try to get to the perches, but still hess when I place my hand in the cage to change the food and try to bite me, also when I offer him the formula he refuse it? Please help?
I have experience with other type of unweaned birds different species! So not an issue of feeding babies.
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