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My male and female Cockatiel

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I have a male and female that were buddies but not mating. I put them in the aviary with 2 other male cockatiels. It looked like the female was going to pick another older cockatiel that is a proven breeder but lost his mate.

But she changed her mind after a week and went back to the first male she had been with. (not proven breeders)
I separated them out in separate cage with a nesting box as there was a lot of fighting going on.
They are always in the breeding box and are now sitting on 3 eggs, but I have not seen them breed once.

Any thoughts? are they breeding in the box?
thanks donna
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Yes I will candle them in a few days and see if this is all real or not.
they are both in nesting box all the time , they only come out to eat. They are both sitting on the eggs.
I never saw them breed so Im wondering ?? Unless they are doing it in the nesting box? Have you ever heard of cockatiels mating in nesting boxes?
Im going to candle the first egg today.
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