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My handsome Boy

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Just a few photos of Ollie hanging out ;)

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How handsome and cute! I love his big yellow crest :)
He's really cute!! :D When does his quarantine end?
Oh he is gorgeous!! Love that crest! :D
Thanks everyone he is a good boy :D
Bea his quarantine officially ended 2 dys ago I am hopefully going to get some pics of them together tommorrow I am moving it slow Georgie is not to happy with this intruder in her I had him on my shoulder and went near her and she had a hissy fit ...hehe. Ollie seemed very interested in her but she was having none of it didn't even want him near her and I didn't want to push it, hopefully it gets better as the days go on ;)
I'm sure it will, Georgie is acting like Cookie did when we bought home Bailee, and now they're inseparable. ;)
Awww! I love that big bright yellow tiel!!!
Awww! I love that big bright yellow tiel!!!
its amazing in a few weeks he went from this little baby crest to his big boy crest, its getting a lot brighter now ;)
Wow! He is really handsome!

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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