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My Handsome Boy and Beautiful Girl

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Ollie begging for head scratches :p he is such a big baby he is very cuddly and loves his mommy:D

And here is my Georgie girl beautiful as ever ;)

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Hehe, Ollie's such a snugglebug!! :p So cute! And Georgie is looking beautiful!
I thought the females were suppose to be the cuddly ones, :p in my house Ollie is the snuggly one and Georgie is more reserved I don't know if she is getting ready to go through a molt but she has become quite she doesn't even like to come out of her cage as much I have to make her come out she is pretty funny I will put my hand to her and say step up and she puts her head right down thinking she won't have to step up ...hehe :p
They are gorgeous!! How old are they?
Thank you :D Georgie is close to 5 months and Ollie is about 3 months
Awww so cute. has has yet to really beg for a scritch. its just stort of happenes. He will come over and walk all over you and soon enough u give him a scritch to keep him in place lol.
Ollie is beautiful.
Love his color.

Georgie is a stunning girl.
Great pics!! :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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