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My cockatiel Luna is wobbly. He is a Fancy white and has always been a little slow. We thought he might be part albino because his vision is not very good. The doctor last time said he has arthritis, and that she didn’t want to clip his wings so he could excercise. He has a couple bad falls flying hit the wall “smack!” And slid down the wall behind some cardboard and got stuck. When we got him out his wing was wonky. Now he looks alright but leans to one side walk-in king and get get direction flying, flys in a circle and falls to the ground poor baby. I’ve been sitting him on my shoulder all day while I do my schoolwork. He also has a hard time climbing up on his cage to get food. He puffs up a lot but I’m not sure if he’s happy or sick and I am scared. Our Avian vet cant see him until the end of next week.

Any ideas?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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