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Hello everyone! A few days ago I brought home a new cockatiel named Riko. I used to have another cockatiel named Sunny, but he passed away due to disease. So I have some experience with birds though I am nowhere near a expert at birds. I let Riko out to play on her playstand, and she was spooked by the garbage truck sound outside. She flew behind the bed, and I can't get her out. Riko was pre-tamed when I got her (so she knows the step-up command, however she doesn't really like it) and I've been trying to get her to step up onto my finger out of the crack in the bed. She walks away from it, and now she's even deeper and harder to get. I was resorting to using a stick to "scare" her out of the crack, except Riko is actually pretty brave and isn't scared by things like that. I hung some millet near where I want her to come out, but she eating it. Please help!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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