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Hello everyone
So this is going to be a long story so please bare with me :)
I have a male cockatiel 10 month old, he is a sweetheart very social,talks and sings alot
My friend asked me if i can take her 3month old cockatiel for 10 days because she will be travelling so i took him and put them in seperate cages , the day he came my cockatiel was very upset and started attacking me and hissing at me but after two days everything went back to normal and they got along fine.
A week later out of no where my cockatiel stopped talking, because very silent and very distant, i noticed he had diarrhea also i took him to an avian vet and he put some anti biotics in his mouth directly and my poor baby started vomiting and here is where things got worse..
After that he became more distant not eating unless i force him and not drinking water unless i force him to drink out of a syringe
I am giving him vitamins and anti biotics blhis diarrhea seems to be getting a bit better and he is starting to drink water by himself but he lost alot of weight and im very worried because he is not eating very well on his own and sleeping alot
My avian doctor told me that the food he had might have gone bad that is why he got sick.
Another doctor is telling me that my tiel is depressed and jealous from the baby tiel i got.
Please help me what can i do to make him feel better it’s been 5 days and i really miss his voice and everything he wont talk or play with me at all.
Is there anything i can do that i havent done ?
Im sorry for the long post
PS: his movement is good he is flying when he wants to and walking around sometimes when i take him out of his cage
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