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My cockatiel is limping

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Hi, my 7 weeks old cockatiel is limping.She cannot run or walk well.But she eats and drinks well. It’s not swollen.Is it a fracture or a sprain.
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No need to worry! The nails of a bird grow continuously, as they do with other animals. Overgrown nails can make perching difficult, as well as painful to owners who handle their birds frequently.To check for overgrown nails, place the bird’s feet on a flat surface. If the Nails are folding and making direct contact on the ground, then you must tell the vet or a breeder to trim the nails. I have attached a image for your understanding.👇
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No my bird nails are short but when he was flying she got hit on the door as he tried to fly to my mother
Oh, then did she get injured recently? Or is there any mark at all?
There is no mark at all and she got injured yesterday evening
Well, that's odd she should be fine in about 2-3 days. If she isn't then keep me updated(y)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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