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Hello everyone, long time no see.
We're coming up on a year of owning our cockatiel, Luna. Shes been a joy to have around, and has really brightened up our lives with her cuteness. She can be troublesome at times, but she has warmed up to us so so much, it's shocking. We never even thought we'd be able to get her on our fingers, but she does that now, no sweat.

For the past couple days, she been extra difficult. She keeps giving these short squeaks, that sometimes turn into louder screams, with short breaks in between. She usually screams when it's time to change her food, as a way to let us know she wants it refilled. But this time, even when her food is changed, she still screams. We tried giving her some millet to quiet her down, and while that worked yesterday, it's not working today. She went to her food bowl a few minutes ago, took a few bites, then left and started yelling again.

We're not sure whats up with her, but what we do know is that her droppings look normal, so we would assume there's no health issue. We think she may be bored of her food, and wants some variety, but that's funny to us, because we've tried to feed her fruits and veggies and she refuses to eat them.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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