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My cockatiel hit a window

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My Female 9 month old cockatiel hit a window today at about a medium speed. She’s been tiered for the past couple hours and has a hard time keeping her eyes open. As far as I can tell she’s not poofed up and she still prefers the top of the cage. She also hasn’t eaten since the ordeal but she has drank water. After she hit the window I put her in a nesting box and a quite room so she could recover. I just put her back into her cage and she’s still super sleepy. Her poop is normal and I couldn’t find any injuries anywhere. Shes not tail bobbing or having a hard time with balance. So I’m really confused on what kind of condition she’s in. (As typing this just now she started pecking at her food, but I don’t think she’s eating it, she might be pretending which scares me.) I can’t take her to a vet till the morning, until then any advice what what her condition could be? As well as getting through the night??
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Can you tell us how your bird is doing? Hope she is healing. Please let us know.
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