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My cockatiel hit a window yesterday

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So here's some info that you should know beforehand ;
My tiel is named Luffa, about 1 year and 4 months old. He's a very energetic bird but love to take a little nap in the afternoon. I'm actually in vacation in Sweden and took him with me (and my sister cockatiel, they share the same cage).
Now he used to fly into thing when he was little but got used to my room so it's been a long while since he poked into a wall. Thing is I completely forgot that since it's a new room he doesn't comprehend the layout that well and well... he hit the window pretty hard (I was in the room with him but didn't saw it coming). Right after he was walking strange and all his right side was strange, I don't really know how to describe it, he had his right eye closed, his right wing a little up and his right leg had balance trouble. I was scared as **** so I pick him up and held him into my hands, he didn't say a thing. I looked at his in a very angle but no blood, only a little mini scratch between his nostrils. 10 to 15 minutes passed and here he was more aware and didn't appeared to be acting "strange" anymore. He was still walking a little wonky but other than that he seemed fine. I called his vet (in my country, not the vacation one) and they didn't let me speak to her (it was night time already so I had to call the emergency service, I understand she didn't have time but yeah a little indication wouldn't hurt that much). Which bring us to today, 11h45, and my baby Luffa is grinding his beak, sleepy and a little fluffy. He seems more tired than usual. Since yesterday he was able to stand on his perch and sleep on it, but he doesn't go down to eat or drink, at least not that I could see. So I brought him water and give him seeds, which he eats/drinks. I'll have to go otuside rn to bring him his favorite snack (lettuce) and see if anything happens when I'll it show him (he's usually very exited to see it).

Sorry if my English is bad.
Anything that could help I'll be glad to hear.
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Always keep ANY windows/ big solid one color walls..... covered/ pictures/ decal.... something to show there is a stop. :after, Feel to see if keel bone broke, if unconscious neck not broke, (knocked out) try cold rag w/ cold water for a few secs..... normal not to eat BUT Watch! check for poop. let Quiet to rest, in size comparison.... (you slam into something that hard), You will also be sore. wind knocked out. Face mandible .... I would keep in cage for awhile watch/observe , must have water available . if seems to go down hill heat environment to maintain body heat. Depending on how hard bird hit window. Many are ok yes but the ones ..broken neck/ shoulder/wing, full crop ?, lung, internal bleeding don't. Hope your baby is fine ;-)
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