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My cockatiel got hit by a running fan (URGENT)

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He was out of his cage yesterday completely normal. I keep my fan off whenever I feel like it might be unsafe, but when he is just sitting on his cage outside the fan is usually on because he never goes anywhere when he is sitting on his cage. But yesterday he probably got scared of my big black luggage bag as I was moving it and started flying. I saw him go up as the fan was running. I hoped he won't go further upwards, but he went right there and got hit by the running fan and fell on the bed. I went running to check if he is fine. There was no bleeding at all, but he was very scared, shocked and wasn't moving much. I tried to make him comfortable but then I read online that you should leave the bird alone at this time. So I put him back in the cage to make him feel safe. I checked on him all day yesterday, I got up multiple times at night. In the morning, I found him sitting at the bottom of the cage which is the last thing I want to see(that's how my female birdie passed away) and also it's not a good sign. So I put him back up. He is a very active bird. He keep singing all the time. He doesn't stay still. But since the incident, his eyes are mostly closed, fluffy, not eating or drinking, not moving, not making any noises. I can't figure out if he is in shock or he has gotten sick. I tried to feed him some water and calcium, not much because I don't want to mishandle him or force him into anything right now. There's no avian vet around me and also there's lockdown where I live, so can't go out anyway. I am trying to make him feel comfortable. Also leaving him alone for sometime to rest without me being there. What should I do? How long will he be like this and not act normal?
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Hey I just saw this post. How is the bird now. I hope he recovered and is doing fine now.
I totally understand your plight. I also live in India and its impossible to find an avian vet.
This is a country where birds become objects of decoration, and toys. 99% of people use them as an embellishments to their balconies. They are caged all the time and fed millet their whole life.
I did weeks of research before I got home my birds. The rules I follow are.
*never leave birds out of their cage unsupervised
  • be extremely cautious about the electric cables, plugs, switches. Never take chances with lose wires, open sockets and plugs.
  • turning on ceiling fan is a strict Nooooooo when birds are out or when the cage door is open.
  • another personal lesson I've learnt by experience. Birds no matter how tiny are super intelligent. My budgies were inside the cage. It was peak of the summer and I had kept the windows open for fresh air.
The naughty budgie (his name was snow) opened the cage door which was actually tight. I've no idea how he learnt it and how he got so much strength. I was working on my laptop. I hear a metallic pop, turn and see that he has opened the cage. Before I could even pull my chair back and stand, he flew out the window like a supersonic jet and his companion peeli was right at his tail and followed him out.
I ran to the terrace tried calling out for hours and I couldn't spot them. I waited for 4-5 hours. Kept windows open praying and hoping that they return.
After 4-5 hours when the reality struck me, that they are either dead because of the soaring heat, lack of water and food or that they would preyed upon by a hawk, crow, a raptor, dog or cat, I sank to my knees and sobbed. I still feel guilty. If I were to be in Australia I would have felt better knowing that they are equipped to live in their habitat.
But they can't survive outside in India even for 2 hours.
So now I do not open windows and the room door that leads to the hallway. And the cage is locked using tiny padlocks all the time. They are out flying around the room almost the whole day. But when they are back in cage. The cage is locked. Even then I don't open the windows.
I agree with how people here in India treat birds and it’s really saddening. Vets are nearly impossible to find! I am from Pune and I take my bird (Eve, female grey) to a vet who sees birds but is very far from here. However, I still need more avian vet contacts for any emergencies. It would be a great help if anyone knows a good vet for birds here in India and inform in this forum :(
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