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I have a 3 month old Cockatiel, I have had him for 2 weeks, Named Casper.
I am new to owning a Cockatiel,
Anyway I have noticed he is eating his own Droppings,/ Poop,
Is this okay or normal,
I am a little worried,
He eats fine, with variety of Cockatiel seed's, plays and is very active and alert,
I have just not seen this type of thing before, Birds eating there own poop,
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated,
Regards Chris,


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My 3 month old tiel does the same thing, I think it's a quite normal behavior for them. As mentioned before me, remember to offer lots if veggies, fruits and other things full of vitamins.
I believe it's when they lack nutrients they'll eat their own droppings.
(I am unsure tho, I just remember reading that somewhere)
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