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I am doing this for myself as i had been holding back and being the strong one in the family as a dad.
Mickey passed on today (conjunctivitis) after waiting for me to wake up, he gathered his last strength to walk, climb the bed to approach me & died on my chest less than a minute later. (like those in Hollywood movies)
He would be 5 years old this july.
We adopted him since he was a month old, an ugly duckling nobody wanted.
us & our 3 kids always wonder why Mickey like me so much. he would always try his hardest to get to me wherever i am. even when i was sleeping ( i move a lot when i sleep, so he was very patient abt that )

he was always the friendliest to us and never bit any of us. in short, he was really a good boy.
i am typing this alone and now i can cry after kids are asleep. dammit this is too painful for me to continue.
we had another tiel who was close to me & he passed few years back

i am not getting any pet close to me ever again, just let my wife & daughter do what they do. i'm not cut out for this ****
this post will be a reminder for me
(he shed his spots about 1 year old)

UPDATE: Left to Right - Blue Daze, Pink Trumpet, Rosemary ( representing our 3 children )
not quite sure about planting this is my first time, feel free to give advice (browsing can only get you so far)
Also we plan to clone him when it is available for birds (now it states only cats & dogs)

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I'm so sorry to hear. He sounded SO sweet.. I'm really sorry this happened. RIP. 馃槥
yes he was, the BEST personality tiel we ever had ( we had 6, currently 4 ) 馃槶 those 4 have naughty playful characters.
while Mickey could chill with me on computer all day long. always wondered what he was thinking on my shoulder
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