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I show you how my cage is organised.

I have 4 cockatiels, 1 wild male + 1 albino female + 1 wild female + 1 pied female. The albino female and the wild female are the daughters of the couple.

I have a cage of the brand: Voltregà, which is a fantastic manufacturer of things for pets in the area of Barcelona. It cost me at the time, about 4 years ago, about 90 euros. I have this model.

The cage differs from the usual concept of cages for parakeets. It is often said that it is more important that it is wide than tall. I don't agree with that. Cockatiels love to CLIMB all day long, they prefer it to flying. That is why it is important that the bars of the cage are arranged HORIZONTALLY rather than vertically so that they can use them as a ladder. I see that cages for ferrets are usually more suitable for cockatiels than those designed in purpose. The measurements in cms are 150 high x 65 wide x 50 deep. It has wheels and is very easy to move around. I have them in the living room and for sleeping they have their own corner in the bathroom.

There is a removable tray at the bottom of the cage. The bottom is filled with sawdust + bird sand litter + shredded wood that you can buy in pet shops. It's phenomenal, the birds love it and it always stays clean and humidity free, the droppings do not stick together. I change it every time the birds moult, there is no need to do it all the time. If a lot of birdseed hulls accumulate, you can remove them with a trowel. The maintenance and cleaning are effortless.

The feeders that you can see in the photo came with the cage, they are very useful, if you put them at the bottom the food that falls, falls directly into the sawdust and sand and the birds love to forage the fallen grains, so nothing is lost.
I use hamster drinking troughs for drinking, as they do not spoil the water and are always clean.

Then to complement it I put a mosquito net that is hung from the ceiling with an adhesive hook, no need to make a hole: Tesa adhesive ceiling hook.

The mosquito net prevent dust produced by the birds from spreading throughout the house, and to enlarge the cage area when you want to keep the birds under control without them flying around the house because they do not dare to cross the fabric.

Finally, I made a play area where they can climb and rest when they want to at the other end of the room, and I did it with a rack I had for CD's.

They seem to enjoy it, they have been happy for 5 years.

I hope it will serve as a reference


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