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My Baby cocatiel πŸ˜”

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my baby cocatiel does not look well. Can
anyone help?
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Your bird does look off to me. Eyes are squinted, lousy posture, wings are very droopy, and he overall looks pretty lethargic. I’ve heard baby birds wings are droopy at first, though I’m not sure how old he is. It looks like he doesn't have all his feathers grown in, or is.. Plucking? Again, I’m no expert, so the best advice I could give you is to call a vet. Preferably an avian vet, or possibly a vet who specializes in exotics. Usually when birds show signs of sickness, it’s pretty concerning, as they hide it very well for usually quite long. I hope you contact a vet, that would be your best bet. Perhaps someone here could give you advice for the time being, these are just my thoughts. Best wishes
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thank you, its 1 month.
One month? Are you sure? I could be wrong, but with the feather growth it looks a older to me. Has he improved at all?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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