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Hi All,
I have been a cockatiel owner from 2012. Brought my first tiel ( grey Male) from Birdcamp in NYC. He is handfed and has a strong bonding with me. We got another tiel who didn't live long ( around 4.5 years). Died in 2017, she was lutino, female with a bald patch. After her death , brought another bird - pearl female.
2 days back, pearl female laid an egg on the cage floor. She is 2 years old. And then i started going through all the blogs. Reading about nest box, dietary needs, nesting material, etc. Ultimately, we ( me and my wife) concluded that we won't be good caretakers for this new family and my apartment with a toddler is too small. We have to keep the birds away from the toddler, giving them flight time when toddler is asleep. Neither are we willing to break up the family or take away the egg. Especially seeing both parents working so hard.
Now we are looking to give away the tiels along with the egg to someone who has the resources and the will to take care of this new family.
Talked to a breeder who is willing to take them but then i have no clue if breeders give the time and attention. This forum, i used to frequent several years back when i was new pet owner. I am hoping someone in this forum, who has taken care of breeding pairs before would be interested in adopting this new family. Please do reach out to me if you can. I live in sacramento, california, so looking for folks who live within 1-2 hours driving range.

Update - now we have 2 eggs
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