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Mutations and breeding

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Hi I’m just wondering what kind of mutations I could get if my birds were to breed. My female is a normal grey but has some yellow feathers on her head and my male I believe is a white faced pied but he did have pearls when he was younger.
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With no splits, you would only be getting normal greys, pied, and pearls, and all pearls would be females. They would all be split to whiteface as well. I'm saying you would be getting pied because the yellow markings on the back of your female's head are split to pied markings. Now getting into split to any mutations, your female cannot be split to cinnamon, pearl, or lutino, so if you had any of those mutations, that would mean that the father is split to cinnamon, pearl and/or lutino, and all offspring with those mutations would be females. If you had any whiteface chicks, that would mean that the mother is split to whiteface. Hopefully, that helps. And your cockatiels are very pretty!!!
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