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Hi everyone.
This is my gorgeous new baby Chickpea.
Sex is unknown, he/she is around 10 weeks old.
Such a beautiful birdy, absolutely loves cuddles and head rubs. 馃挍

I am just wondering if anyone knows Chickpea's mutation? Chickpea doesn't have red eyes.

I have normal greys, whiteface, pearl pieds, creamface cinnamons, and pearls.
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I'm guessing you have a beautiful pied female there but I could be wrong on the sex. At 10 weeks, how vocal is he or she? Has your bird made ANY attempts to whistle or chatter a lot? If so, it's about a 90% chance you have a male.

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It looks like you have a cinnamon pied cockatiel because of how light the grey feathers are. I have a cinnamon pied cockatiel myself, and she looks very similar to yours. Your cockatiel looks even lighter than mine though, but I think the cinnamon will vary in every cockatiel.
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