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Tonight reminded me again how important it is to have items you might need in case of an emergency readily onhand. Emergencies happen and you have to be ready to take care of your birdie. Everytime something happens (thankfully not often) I am so glad I had everything right there and didn't have to run around to find what I need. Remember, you'll need these things in case of an emergency and you won't have time to look for them when it happens. Do it now.

Emergency vet phone number- Hopefully you'll never need to use it but have it ready. Call after hours to make sure someone is really always available. Most regular vets might not be open so make sure you can get a live person.

Small cage/travel carrier- have somewhere to place your bird in case you do need to see the vet, need a small and quiet area for an injured bird or need to evacuate quickly. Don't think it won't happen to you-you never know.

Styptic powder this should only be used for toenail injuries that are bleeding. Applying to the skin will sting! This works as a clotting agent/antiseptic to aid in healing and prevent infection.

Corn starch/household flour- this works as a clotting agent for skin and feather injuries. Have it ready in ziploc bag, tupperware container or shoe box. *May also use Clotisol which is a liquid clotting agent that stops the bleeding and seals the wound.

Pliers- Essential to emergencies such as blood feathers that must be removed. Tweezers can't grip larger feathers properly.

Towel/blanket- handling, restraint and warmth.

Heating pad- Warmth is critical. An injured or ill bird will have a drop in temperature. You'll need to keep their temp normal until you can get to a vet. Place a towel over the pad and place the bird on it. Monitor the temp closely.

Gauze- In case of any injuries that need to be covered or for applying pressure to a bleeding area.

Scissors- for cutting gauze, tape or any items your bird may be tangled in (ie. string around toe..etc)

This is all I can think of right now. I have to admit I had a heating pad but it doesn't work anymore so that's one thing I'm missing out of my kit. The second is Clotisol which I really should buy-it's much more effective then flour/cornstartch and cleaner too.
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