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Good evening everyone,

I have just starting my female, Sunny, on pellets for what feels like the 50th time. I am monitoring her weight every day and for the first 2 days I noticed a drop from 120 to 107 to 102. Suddenly, however, the next day I recorded an increase in weight to 114 and the day later 120, with her weight remaining stable at 125 (Yes, I know it is a bad weight for her to be at. I am going to start limiting her food once I have successfully got her over to pellets). I also noticed her eating pellets as well.

Today, when we weighed her, she was 131. We also caught her and our male... ermm... having some fun 2 days ago and today. So I am concerned that the increase in weight it not from her eating but from eggs forming. But at the same time, eggs don't just magic themselves into existence do they? The weight for the eggs has to come from somewhere.

How much weight increase would you typically see with eggs forming?

Sorry if this sounds stupid, I am just worried that she hasn't taken to the pellets and the weight increase is due to the eggs. I am also sorry if I have put this in the wrong forum. I am new here waves

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