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Hi guys I just joined here to get your recommendations, I have raised a baby cockatiel from January 2021 until now so its about 10-11 months old, its very attached to me and needy and alone. However I am leaving my country Kuwait to Miami for a job there, the trip would probably take 10-15 hours, would you guys recommend me to take him with me on a 20 hours trip or find someone to adopt him? (I am still not sure of its gender but I will assume its a he) I have researched that Turkish Airlines allow the bird to be with me inside the cabin but he is not used to be on a traveling bag or a cage (I tried putting him for a less than an hour he was so nervous and kept on calling me) and I am worried about airports/transits/the long hours of the trip and air pressure. so is it better to just leave him in good hands? And if I decided to take it back after months or years would he still remembers me? Also what’s the proper age for matting is it bad to get him another pair at the current age? and if so would it get used more to its cage if he has a companion/mate in it?

Also one last thing, what are the required documents to take him to the states?
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