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This is a repeat of my introductions post. After I posted it in introductions, I realized that this might be a better place to post this issue.

I have other birds who are kept outside but wanted a cockatiel as a house pet. (I live in a tropical place.) I thought that joining this forum which focuses on cockatiels is a good place to start. I think I made my first big mistake on my first day. I put the cage outside on its first day and Martini, estimated 6-7 weeks old) seemed to enjoy it. It took the whole morning for it to start eating but I thought that went faster than expected. But it did not do any cage exploring. It just sat on its food bowl which I understand could be a nesting behavior for a young cockatiel.

But in the evening for dinner hour, I wheeled the cage in and Martini just went over the top nuts. It flew itself all over the inside of the cage chirping like crazy. (It did find the water bowl the hard way as it got wet.) It reached the point that I thought he/she would hurt itself. So I wheeled it back on the deck. It settled down, some minor squawking while watching the sunset, and then the cage got covered.

I will now not bother moving the bird or the cage for about a week. Maybe I should have never wheeled it outside on the deck in the morning but the previous owner had the birds kept outside on a porch.

Will it be possible for me to eventually each the point of moving the cage in and out of the house on an as needed basis? I was thinking the bird viewed the cage as its home. I would not have thought cage location would matter.

Does anyone else move their tiel outside and inside while still in the cage?

I do think there was a problem with it being warmer inside but it was still within its threshold of temperature (85F) . I only was puzzled when Martini was quietly but widely opening its mouth wide like it was to yell but couldn't. I could clearly see the tongue and I have never seen my other parrots do that. I read that such a behavior could be that the bird was trying to cool down.

I welcome any and all thoughts and recommendations.
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