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Posted by: "[email protected]" [email protected] cbadrick
Tue Jul 1, 2008 8:51 pm (PDT)
Found cockatiel with leg band this cockatiel has the orange cheeks etc. I've got the leg band number. tell it to me in your email, or you can call 281 446 2981. This one was found at the Hobby Airport in Houston, Texas several months ago. He will not let anyone touch it, and opens its beak when you attempt. Wolf whistles, and whistles" La cocka rocha" [email protected]
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Prev 911PA Msg #37933
FOUND: TX, Houston, Cockatiel (banded), Mar.03,08

FOUND COCKATIEL---Houston Hobby Airport March-3-2008
looks like most male cockatiels. won't let people touch him. email leg #and it's yours. hes been well taken care of by me. woof wissels.

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