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**See Buddy's pic in the 911PA photo album (TN-Lost) at this

Country: USA
State: Tennessee
City: Smyrna
Breed: Lutino Cockatiel
Color: White with long yellow feathers on head with orange round "cheeks" on face
Name of Bird: Buddy
Date Lost: April 17, 2008
Location Lost (streets): Lake Farm Rd (our street), flew towards Deer Rd and Benefield Dr., possibly towards Bent Tree subdivision
Zip Code Lost: 37167
Age: almost one year old
Sex: male (we think)
Banded?: no
Microchipped?: no
Common Saying: Hey Buddy Buddy, I love you, Peek-a-boo
Distinguishing Characteristics: May have a very, very, very faint pink splotch on one of his wings. It is an old stain (juice?) that may have washed off in the rain by now.
Medical Issues: no
Reward?: We don't have much to give monetarily but if you find and return our Buddy, you will be nothing short of a hero in our childrens' (and ours!) eyes and we will never forget your kind act.
Owner Name: Kim and Jeff Bouldin
Owner Phone: 615 481 4292 and 615 482 4292
Owner Email: twilightmama (AT) and jeffbouldin (AT)
Comments: Thank you for keeping your eyes open for Buddy!

Subject: Lost Lutino Cockatiel
From: [email protected]
Date: Sat, April 19, 2008 9:53 am
To: <[email protected]>

Prev 911PA Msg #38521
LOST: TN, Smyrna, Lutino Cockatiel "Buddy", Apr. 17, 08

LOST Bird: Lutino Cockatiel (Smyrna-LakeFarmRd, Deer Rd, Benefield Dr)

Reply to: [email protected]
[comm-648091927 (AT)]
Date: 2008-Apr-19, 8:18AM CDT

Our cockatiel, Buddy, flew out the door at around 6 pm on April 17th
and we flew from our home on Lake Farm Rd over to Deer Rd. toward
Benefield Dr. He could be in the Bent Tree area or really anywhere by

He is white with long yellow feathers on the the top of his head and
he has round orange "cheeks" on his face. His name is "Buddy" and he
can say "I love you" and "Hey Buddy Buddy" though he may not while he
is lost. He also responds to "Peek-a-boo" and the song "You Are My

The first picture below is our Buddy and the second is a full body
picture of what a Lutino cockatiel looks like (we couldn't find a
good full body picture of Buddy, but he looks just like the second
photo). If you think you have seen him, please contact us as we miss
him very, very much. You can also visit Buddy's blog at

Thank you!

Location: Smyrna-LakeFarmRd, Deer Rd, Benefield Dr

**xposted by Retta 911PA volunteer**
Sent for more info.
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