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(13120) Cockatiel

Bramley Park/Johannesburg, South Africa . . . Chloe

April 19, 2008

She is a white and yellow cockatiel with grey surrounding the middle of her
body. She has light red cheeks. She loves singing. She wolf-whistles and
whistles happy birthday. If she sees her reflection she starts having a
conversation with it. She flew away from the sixth floor of an apartment building in
Bramley Park, Johannesburg, South Africa. Please, I need her back. Please
contact me or my mother. Me: +2782 976 6859 Mom: +2783 291 7996 Our home number:
011 885 2080 Email addresses Me: [email protected] Mom:
[email protected] Thank you so much.

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LOST: South Africa, Johannesburg, Cockatiel (Wht/Ylw), Apr 21,08 pos
Lost Cockatiel from South Africa

She's white and yellow and has grey surrounding the middle of her body.
She sings and talks to her reflection. She wolf-whistled and whistles
happy birthday.

She flew away from an apartment building 6th floor in Bramley Park,
JHB, South Africa.

Contact +27829766859
[email protected]_
12M) <singadam (AT)>

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