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Posted by: "[email protected]" [email protected] paytiedaisy
Wed Jul 2, 2008 11:21 pm (PDT)
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lost bird: Cockatiels

Owner: Sean and Sandra McCarthy, Lorton, PA 571-435-7300
[email protected] [xception2therule(AT)]

Name: Paris and Juliette
Age: Young
Size: Small

We lost two cockatiels in May 08 timeframe in the State College area off of
North Atherton Ave. Juliette is a cinnamon pearl with grey/yellow accents.
Paris is a lutino yellow with white accents. Both are very friendly and were
hand raised. They love people and will often land on shoulders/heads. We left
them with a close family member until we got settled in an overseas posting.
We would like to have our family back together. There is a reward to anyone
providing information which will lead to whereabouts.

Petfinder Id: 1646690
Date of posting July 1st. 2008

Prev 911PA Msg #42814
LOST: PA, State College, Cockatiels "Juliette" & "Paris", Jun 30.08

REWARD, 2 Lost cockateil birds: one yell/white, one gry/yell (North

Reply to: [email protected]
[comm-737833961 (AT)]
Date: 2008-Jun-30, 11:53AM EDT

2 cockatiels lost in East State college, near West Clinton Avenue and
Atherton St. Juliette is the grey and yellow cinnamon pearl and Paris
is the Lutino (white and yellow ). If you have seen birds fitting
their description in the area please let us know where you saw them
and when. They are both very friendly and will likely approach and
land on your shoulder, and come with you if you do not move too
quickly or suddenly. If you should find them please bring them in
doors and call (571) 435 7300 right away.

They love cheese and steamed veggies, and we miss them.

Location: North Atherton

PostingID: 737833961

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