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More Info LOST: PA, Bedminster, Lutino Cockatiel "Ozzie" Apr.12.08 c

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lOST: PA, Bedminster, PA (north of Doylestown) on Apr-12-08. Very light yellow with orange cheeks. No leg band. "Ozzie". If seen, please call 215-297-8342. Email: <josbpa (AT)>

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LOST: PA, Bedminster, Lutino Cockatiel, "Ozzie" Apr.13.08

bird: Cockatiel

Owner: Joanne
Pipersville, PA
[email protected] com
josbpa (AT)

Name: Ozzie
Age: Young
Sex: Male

Very light yellow, almost white, with orange cheeks. Lost in Bedminster, PA, north of Doylestown on April 13.08

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Date of posting, May 3. 2008
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