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Country: USA
State: MN
City: Plymouth
Breed: Cockatiel
Color: Dark grey, white tipped wings, yellow head w/ orange circles
and streaks of black in the feathers on top.
Name of Bird: Snape
Date Lost: June/20/08
Location Lost (streets): 3956 Orchid Ln N, near Rockford Rd &
Vicksburg Ln.
Zip Code Lost: 55446
Age: Unsure (Still very young)
Sex: Male
Banded?: Yes (orange band)
Microchipped? : no
Common Saying: Wolf whistles.
Distinguishing Characteristics: Scar above right eye from previous
escape attempt.
Medical Issues: None
Reward?: Yes
Owner Name: Tristin Gravitt or Amanda Smith
Owner Phone: 952-818-1456 or 952-818-1457
Owner Email: tristing55 (AT)
Comments: Snape is very timid of people but loves other birds. He's
still young, yet, so he's pretty nervous of just about everything. He
has never bitten, though he does hiss and open his beak when he's not
interested in being picked up. When he's scared, he will definitely
come to a person's hand and will sit on shoulders.

Thank you so very much for telling me about your website. We have
notified the humane society, police department and are constantly
putting up flyers in the Plymouth Area. We also have flyers up in pet
stores and various apartment buildings. Thank you so very much!!!!!!

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LOST: MN, Minneapolis (Plymouth), Cockatiel "Snape" June 20,08

Lost Cockatiel - Please Help - Reward
Reply to: [email protected] craigslist. org
[comm-728555221 (AT)]

Date: 2008-June-22, 12:21PM

Please help us find our cockatiel, Snape. He got loose Friday night,
and we are still holding on to the chance that someone might see him.
He is dark gray with white on his feathers, a yellow face and two
orange dots. He also has a scar above his right eye, and a band
around his ankle. If you see him, please e-mail me ASAP. We love him and miss him. I know it's hard to find a bird, but we are trying everything we can. If found, there will definitely be a reward!

Location: Plymouth, MN

Original URL: http://minneapolis. craigslist. org/pet/72855522 1.html
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