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More Info LOST: FL, Jacksonville, Cockatiel "Petie", Apr 02, 08

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Country: US
State: Florida
City: Jacksonville/ Mandarin
Breed: Cockatiel
Color: Grey
Name of Bird: Petie
Date Lost: Apr/2/08
Location Lost (streets): Lippizan Drive
Zip Code Lost: 32257
Age: approx 5 yrs
Sex: Female
Banded? No
Microchipped? No
Common Saying: not a talker, but responds to "Where's Petie?"
Distinguishing Characteristics: No cheek color, only varying shades
of gray and white
Medical Issues: receiving hormone shots to stop egg laying
Reward? $25.00
Owner Name: Julie Norve
Owner Phone: 904-504-2650
Owner Email: [email protected] net [thedjsmom (AT)]
Comments: This bird is sorely missed by me and my 88 year old Mother
for whom the bird was her only company during my work day.

**posted by Retta 911PA volunteer**

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LOST: FL, Jacksonville, Cockatiel "Petie", Apr. 02, 08

Locale: Mandarin, Lippizan Dr. off Losco Rd
Markings: All Grey and White, no color on cheeks
Additional: Slightly crippled feet, small for the breed, wings not
clipped, Named Petie
Contact: 904-504-2650 [email protected] . [thedjsmom (AT)]

http://tinyurl. com/2omlqg

**xposted by Retta 911PA volunteer**
Sent for more info.
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