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More info-- Error about kind of cockatiels:

Yes I belong to that group and posted, I however posted other places as
well and had not seen the birds in a while. I thought they were greys but
Fausto is a Dom YC Grey and LilJo is a Pied. They flew out an open door on June
2nd from Southbury CT. I have attached pictures for you to this email for
anything else you might be able to do. These were two of my handfed babies and
they are both super sweet. This is why I offer free wing clippings to my is so sad!

xpost from

Date of posting: June 6, 2008

Id: 1631638

Manchester, CT
860 432-2533
[email protected] littlewin_ (mailto:[email protected]
littlewingaviary( littlewinlit
Diane Field

Name: TWO lost Cockatiels

Lost COCKATIELS XXX XX XXXX (number on file with 911 Parrot Alert)
and XXX XX XXXX (number on file with 911 Parrot Alert) Both are
greys. They were lost in Southbury on June 2nd when they flew out the
door. Please contact me if you find them. They look like normal greys
with a little cinnamon brown mixed in. Very social nice birds - My
client misses them very much!

************ ********* ****

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One of my clients lost both his cockatiels when they flew out the
door on Monday June 2nd. Both the birds are banded [numbers on file
with 911 Parrot Alert]. They are basically normal grey cinnamon
looking birds and are very social. He believes they might be in
Southbury still. Please contact me if anyone finds them.

Diane Field Little Wing Aviary [littlewingaviary (AT)] (860)
432-2533 Thank you!
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