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More Info LOST: CT, Somers, Pied Cockatiel "Diamond", Mar 29.08

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Diamond: 2 year old Female ALL Grey and White pied Cockatiel.
lost 3/29/2008
Lost in Somers, CT behind the Somers Inn Restaurant.

Contact Sarah Bollinger
13 Robert St Somers CT - Phone Number: 860-729-7906

She does not speak but knows her name. She likes all fruit, vegies
especially celery, popcorn, crackers and sitting on your shoulder and
head. She is also attracted to anything shiny like Diamond Rings and
earrings. [dfeathers (AT)]

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LOST: CT, Somers, Cockatiel "Diamond", Mar 29.08

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bird: Cockatiel

date of posting march 29th 2008
ID: 1587810

somers, CT
[email protected] net
[fireeyes46 (AT)]


Sex: Female

Diamond is about 2 years old. She is ALL WHITE AND SILVER. She does NOT have any Red or Yellow on her as is typical for Cockatiels. She will come to her name if she trusts you and loves to sit on your head or shoulders - so maybe she will come to you if you see her and call her name. She also loves to eat paper! (dont' keep any important documents near her if you find her but if you place one on the ground near her she might go to check it out.) She also likes shiny objects - especially Diamond Rings and shiny earrings and necklaces. That is another easy way to catch her (hence her name..). I'm not suggesting putting your Diamond ring on the ground - but anything shiny will catch her attention. This morning my Cockatiel named Diamond escaped from my house as I was going to bring the garbage outside. She flew high up over my house (on Robert St. behind the Somers Inn) and then headed towards Maple Ridge area of Somers, CT Timing is critical since these birds do not do well in the cold weather or the rain. She will die if not captured soon. They also can fly up to 50 miles in one flight. So, she could be in Mass or the southern part of the state by now. However, I'm hoping the cold weather and rain has kept her here in town. I was also told that since they get overwhelmed on their first flight they may land on the ground in your yard (nearby her home) and catch her breath - so look on the ground too for a white/silver bird. She does not talk (the bird on the right in this photo does speak). She is pictured on the left. If you see her at all - please contact me anytime at 860-729-7906. I will pay a reward to anyone who rescue's her or locates her so I can rescue her. Thank you all for your help!
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