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More Info LOST: CA, San Jose April 24th 08

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Cockatiel LOST!! (san jose south)

Reply to: comm-655492724 [AT]
Date: 2008-Apr-24, 11:41PM PDT

Thank you so much! Her name is "Makara" and she flew away
at Branham and Rahway the nearest major cross street being
Monterey Rd. My name is Jennifer and my number is
(408)561-9561 We had another bird escape with her named
"Lancelot", he is a standard pied male. Thank you so much
for your help. Bless you and your organization.

Jennifer Ramsey eclectuslvr [AT]

My child accidentally let my bird out of her aviary! She has
a mate who is lost without her, and they have babies that need
her back!! She went missing from near Monterey Rd and
Branham. By Davis Jr High. Please help! If you see her, or have
any information about her, please call. She has been with our
family for a very long time and we all love her very much. Please
call (408)561-9561 or email. Thank you. There is a REWARD for
her return. These are pics of her with her babies and feeding them.
The grey and white bird is her mate.
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