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Posted by: "dshore95" [email protected] dshore95
Wed Jun 25, 2008 5:42 pm (PDT)
Please help!! Missing Male Cockatiel (rohnert pk / cotati)
see photos
Reply to: comm-731749539 [at]
Date: 2008-Jun-24, 9:36PM PDT

His name is Pimpollo (pronounced "Peem-Poe-Yo"..."pollo" like chicken in Spanish!!)

He flew away on Sunday morning (6/22) and after following him
from tree to tree, trying to lure him down, we don't know where
he is. He is most likely not too far from home, on Country Club
Drive in Rohnert Park, roaming E-Section.

He doesn't sound like any of the other birds you normally hear
in the neighborhood so you'd definitely recognize his chirp.

If you have any information at all, please call me at (707) 843-1930.

I raised this bird from the egg 18 years ago and would love to see
him return home!! Thank you for your help :)
xposted fr Craigs List by 911PA Volunteer

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LOST: CA, Rohnert Park, Cockatiel "Pimpollo", June 24, 08 posted

Lost: Rohnert Park, CA on 6/24/08

Goes by the name "Pimpollo" - Little Chicken. Yellow head
and face with orange cheeks. White and gray back and tail
feathers but naked on his belly as he's plucked them all
out!! 18 years old and raised from the egg by me!! Dearly
missed :( Any info, please contact 707.843.1930. Thanks!!

Posts on this thread, including this one
Birds/Items Lost: Cockatiel, 6/24/08, lost: Rohnert Park, CA.

**posted by Retta 911PA volunteer**
Sent for more info.
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